The Benefits of A Hypnosis Education

An “education” implies an intentional learning and study in a particular field.  What would it be like if you made hypnosis your field of study?

The first obstetrical you would face is where to learn. There are plenty of good books on hypnosis but a skilled hypnotist, or any craftsman or expert, won’t learn their skill just from reading. They also need guidance from experienced professionals and hands on experience working with people.

From an early age I have had a fascination with hypnosis. Luckily, that fascination compelled me to seek out every book on hypnosis that I could find. I discovered for every useful book on hypnosis there were four others that were either confusing, poorly written or a repeat of other work.  A person less passionate about hypnosis might have lost interest.

There are people and organizations that teach hypnosis. What you’ll find is that their content varies widely. Some hypnosis trainings teach only what I call relax-o-therapy, a progressive relaxation process that put clients to sleep much more then actually hypnotizing them.  Some hypnosis schools portray themselves as the Hogwarts of Hypnotism and treat hypnosis as a metaphysical medium of disembodied beings.

What I truly wanted was a hypnosis training that was objective, understandable and easy to apply, not a magic woo woo ritual that leaves everyone wondering if hypnosis works.

Much of what I learned about hypnosis came from doing hypnosis one-on-one with anyone I could find. Eventually, in 1998, I started doing hypnosis professionally full time.  Through these one-on-one hypnosis interactions I got my greatest understandings about hypnosis.

My friend and mentor, the late Jeff Stephens.

My friend and mentor, Jeff Stephens.

In 2006, I met a man who would change everything I thought about hypnosis. Jeff Stephens, was a great hypnotist who had been practicing hypnosis years longer than I had. Jeff had a unique way of thinking. He would never assume anything someone told him about hypnosis was true.  Instead he would try to prove it himself.

If someone said “Can hypnosis help me with this problem?” he would answer “Let’s find out.”

Jeff discovered most of what’s taught in hypnosis trainings is out dated and unnecessary.

Over the years Jeff honed is understanding of hypnosis down to an easy to understand process.  Learning with him was fun and the things his students would experience were amazing!

It was then that I realized THAT is the type of hypnosis training people would really benefit from.

Jeff Stephens, died in 2014 but the legacy of his hypnosis work is continuing here with The University of Hypnotism.

What students receive here at The University of Hypnotism is nothing less than the preeminent hypnosis training that’s available. This is ongoing training that includes

  • Live lectures and trainings
  • The Direct Hypnotic Method
  • Live support
  • Webinar trainings
  • Follow up support
  • Video support
  • Print and Digital learning materials
  • Support to help build your own successful hypnosis practice


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