Advanced Hypnosis Training


Help your hypnosis practice by providing a thorough, three session program that will do everything your client wants and more.  Each session builds upon the success of the previous session to build a complete program worthy of the cost.

Coming soon will be video tutorials that cover each session from start to finish.


Your advanced training describes how to create a thorough three-session hypnosis program that insures client satisfaction and encourages future client referrals. You will start with book “Advanced Hypnosis: The Three Session Hypnosis Method that Gets Results” by David Barron.

This book builds on Jeff Stephens 10 Step hypnosis process by making a 3 session hypnosis  program. This is a hypnosis process that has evolved over 20 years as a professional hypnotist helping people make dramatic change in a short amount of time.

Session 1 – Give the client the results they are wanting.

Session 2 – Enhance the clients sense of Self-Esteem and Self Confidence.

Session 3 – Reinforce positive results in a recurring feedback loop.

Remember, people do not want to pay for hypnosis. They want to pay for a RESULT. They want to be free for cigarette cravings. They want to lose weight. They want to be free of anxiety and post-traumatic stress. They also want to feel good about who they are.

A very best professional hypnotist will never charge for hypnosis. They charge for RESULTS.

This three session hypnosis process is fast and creates dramatic results from the very first session, when the habit, anxiety, urge, fear or stress is completely eliminated. Following sessions continue to reshape the hypnosis subjects self-image to be one that is strong, resilient and resourceful.

This three session hypnosis process is no longer mine. It is yours and you are now part of it’s evolution. My hope is that you will learn it, master it and, ultimately, improve upon it.  By doing that you will also be improving yourself, as a hypnotist and as a human being.

In time videos will be added to this tier to answer more specific questions about the three session hypnosis program.

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