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logo unThe University of Hypnotism provides an avant guarde approach to Hypnosis instruction and mentorship. All of our students enter in at the gate at one of our live training courses. Our courses are designed to be hands on and fully immersive. Our small class sizes facilitate one on one interaction between instructor and students. We believe in hypnosis, that’s why we hypnotize all of our students during the process. Our implementation of hypnosis alongside our instruction helps students to internalize the methods and methodology as second nature quicker and with a higher level of precision.  Jeffrey Stephens 10 step process is taught at the core of our instruction. Jeffrey Stephens’ hypnosis method is a straight forward ‘no scripts’ formula to hypnosis that uses direct/authoritarian hypnosis to achieve rapid results.

Your instruction doesn’t have to end after the course. Other hypnosis trainings neglect offering continuing instruction and encouragement, we have a three tier system designed to help each student build on the foundation laid at the initial certification course. The goal of University of Hypnotism is to provide you with all the knowledge, training and encouragement to the preeminent hypnotist in your area.

Primary Instructor, David Barron, Professional Hypnotist with 2 decades experience.

Renowned hypnotist instructor and widely read author of many books (under the pen name Dantalion Jones). David is the primary instructor at the University. His vast knowledge of hypnosis, language patterns and influence/persuasion techniques lend an authenticity to our institution.

David has established and operates two hypnosis centers and is looking to train future hypnotists to further expand the reach of hypnosis to benefit others.

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