Tier 1 - Online Hypnosis Certification

Get training through the online hypnosis training used by thousands of professionals throughout the world. This is a downloadable video training complete with PDF instructional workbook. Continuing Education Units (CEU) and certification are available.

Tier 2 - Advanced Hypnosis Skill Building

Advanced Hypnosis training includes instruction in tested and applied 3 session hypnosis process that best insures the success of your hypnosis clients.

Tier 3 - Ongoing Professional Practice Building

Step into the arena of operating a successful hypnosis practice. This is an on-going coaching program designed to improve every aspect of your hypnosis practice and increase your income. This will include best practice for your industry, setting up every aspect of your business to marketing and advertising.

Tier 1 - Intro To Hypnosis Certification

This intro to hypnosis is a video training taught by the late Jeffrey Stephens. It is full of practical, tested and workable techniques divided into an easy to understand ten step process. This training is an ideal introduction to hypnosis. Continuing Education Units and Certification is also optional. You'll learn a single session process to help anyone quit smoking, lose weight, deal with anxiety and most other common uses of hypnosis.

Tier 2 - Advanced Hypnosis

Advanced hypnosis training outlines a three session process built upon the introductory hypnosis course.

Tier 3 - Build Your Hypnosis Practice

Being a skilled hypnotist is only the first step to running a successful hypnosis practice. Level 3 consists of an on-going coaching process that will help you have a full schedule of hypnosis clients and deal successfully with every aspect of your business.
The University of Hypnotism is committed to each student the best hypnotist possible. From there we will help you build a professional practice that operates like a finely tuned machine. What are your goals? Let us show you the way.